Setting up shop

In Atelier: Shoptalk by Paul Soupiset


Hello: My name is Paul Soupiset.

Welcome to Soupiset Design and to the studio blog. My hope is that by reading these semi-regular posts you will get a glimpse into the work, the processes, and culture that’s slowly and gently taking root here. Soupiset Design aims to be equal parts design consultancy and design altelier. Which is to say that my working hours are spent either providing clients helpful guidance about their brands or in the studio actually creating — whether at my table, in front of the computer, or buried in the pages of my sketchbooks. My expertise centers around branding and brand management, logo and identity development, publication and curriculum design, and complex, multi-channel communications.

Launching Soupiset Design on September 3 has been the fulfillment of a twenty-five year old dream. The early days and weeks of this new venture have been marked by a focus on caring for my clientele and their projects — it’s creative, rewarding work, performed for some of the best folks I know. I hope to introduce you to some of them in due time.


Whereas the Portfolio page will house examples of finished projects, these blogposts will also showcase the process, from napkin sketches to thumbnails, storyboards to comps. Here I’ll also share some of the past projects I’ve worked on, both as a freelancer and during my tenure at previous firms. Those posts will be labeled so you’ll know where I was in my career at the time, and to give credit where credit is due (Having just wrapped up an eighteen-year run at Toolbox, a firm I co-founded in 1996, I’m proud of the work we did there and recognize the great opportunities I had designing for a world-class clientele alongside some stellar people).

We’re all standing on the shoulders of giants, and I also hope to introduce you on these pages to artists, thinkers, poets, designers, and others who have shaped the way I approach my craft.

That will all come in good time.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.